Whirlpool – Service & Social Media

It all started in the month of May 2016. After noticing for a month the fluctuation in cooling of the refrigerator, I called up whirlpool customer care and registered a complaint. The technician who arrived at the house conveniently said it is gas problem and refill is required and would send the concerned technician.
In 2nd half of June, the technician did come to fill the gas. Post which he discovered the core board was not working. He reported the issue to his boss and his boss promptly gave the response which is normally given to customer. “Sir, two days part would be available.” 2 days became 5 days to a week to 2 weeks to 3 weeks. In the meantime he asked us to contact his boss and put pressure! <brilliant tactics>
Frustrated with the behavior we made a post on social media, twitter and facebook. Whirlpool India facebook page post did not get any response from the company. With more than 40days since identifying the problem now the whirlpool incharge asked us to send model number and serial number and buy a new fridge since the core board was not available anywhere in India. I asked him for the requisition form which he had sent to his head office. I did suspect foul play.
On the other side I kept posting to the twitter handle of whirlpool customer care, apparently this is caters to US region. Due to constant posts and complaining about the attitude of whirlpool service guys in India finally they relented. They forwarded the complaint to India head office and then the action started. I got a call from Delhi office of Whirlpool. They followed it up and found that core board did exist in India. <unlike what was claimed by Bangalore office>
A week later the board reached Bangalore and was fixed by a different technician.

If you are talking to Madhu from Whirlpool, Bangalore ask him clearly what is going to be his action plan.

What this entire episode also highlights is the importance given to social media in India and in USA. While the India handlers ignored, the US after repeatedly pressing on understood there was a real problem. Thankfully there was someone listening.


Whirlpool Washing Machine – Self Installation Guide

After spending few hours on internet searching if there were any self installation guide, I decided to write this. Yes, none exists so far or I might have missed out.
Its the most simplest thing that one can do. How to wash and the weight of the clothes is all mentioned in the manual. The different selections is also mentioned. So, do we need an installation mechanic. Its for only one reason to fix the washing machine to the power point and check if there is a leakage or malfunctioning.
Why not try to fix it by yourself. Thats what I did. The machine Whirlpool 700s. We had also ordered for trolley stand. Both were delivered on the same day in the evening.
1. Fix the rolling shoes to the four ends of the stand. Use a spanner for tightening the nuts.
2. Fix the rat mat under the machine. Loosen one of the screws place the mat inside and tighten it again.
3. Lift the machine and place it on top of the trolley stand.
4. The hose pipe for the water outlet is provided in the machine box. This pipe needs to be fixed at the right bottom end of the machine. Just press it in.
5. Water inlet hose pipe is also provided. There will be one blue washer in the cover. Push it inside the groove of the hose pipe. In the socket provided tighten it around. There is no need for spanner to tighten this. You could damage by using a spanner. Its all hard plastic material not metal.
6. There is a small mouth provided, blue in colour and with three screws. Loosen it, put it on the mouth of water tap and tighten the screws. The free end of the water inlet hose pipe needs to be pushed inside this and rotated. This would ensure that the pipe is secured to the tap. This to avoid loss of water and easy fixing.
7. Now plug the socket to power point.
8. Press the “Power” button. The machine would come to life.
9. Choose an option for washing and press on ‘pause/start”. This is easy way to check whether the motor rotates properly.

What you need to check for is:
1. Leakage of current. This would short the circuit and fuse would go off in the mains. This could happen if the socket is wet.
2. That the motor is running properly with no noise. If the motor is not running but the light in the “power” switch is visible, then call maintenance guy. If there is no light visible then check the switch or change to another and test again.