I – Movie Review (Tamil)

Lot of hype surrounding the movie “I” and with Shankar being the director every reason to watch it. There are other big names too AR Rehman, PC Sreeram. The additional attraction was the character of Vikram from trailers and posters, the female lead Amy Jackson.
Vikram and Amy Jackson have justified their performance. For people who watch Big Boss season 8 would be familiar with Upen Patel (the guy who flirts with Karishma) who as a villan does a good job and Suresh Gopi.

The movie begins with kidnap of Amy Jackson from marriage hall. From then on the movie toggles between the past and the current. Vikram as Lingesan aspires to be Mr India and as a beginning wins Mr TamilNadu. By virtue of fate gets in contact with Diya (Amy Jackson) who wants him to model with her for advertisements. From the time of he winning the title and getting the soft corner of Diya, Linga (name changed to Lee) makes more enemies than friends.
Its all these enemies who come together to plan against him.

The China part of the shooting has PC Sreeram weilding his magic. Any place would look beautiful through his lens and with a breathtaking spot one can imagine how it would be.
AR Rehman is good in certain songs and am still wondering whether this was a semi-musical movie? Suddenly when the movie could have come to an end there is a song and some more sequences.
The songs were bonus to lot in the theater, some went to toilet and some went to fetch beverages! 🙂

In the end all is well that is well. Lingesan is back to normal.

Like many other Shankar movies there is loads of graphics, make-up, picturization of song sequences.

With so many good things what is wrong with the movie?
1. It is too long 180mins is just just too too long.
2. Weak script and often told story of love, revenge, love.
3. The movie goes down the tempo lot many times that one feels whether this is Shankar movie.
4. No message or the thump which we have seen in Shankar movies
5. We do not want to see just a love story from Shankar and we still have Endhiran in back of our minds.
6. Poor logic.
7. Too many songs for Shankar’s satisfaction.

I would not say this is movie one should not miss. I would rate it as 1.5/5.

Spoiler Alert, don’t scroll down unless you want to

“I” is a virus, H4N2 chemical name.
Read stem cell therapy!
And any bad virus can be treated by an old doctor only.
Some injection, a bottle of syrup and a strip of tablets!

Sherlock Holmes (English) – Movie Review

It was not a good experience watching the movie in Devi Bala. It was like watching the movie on television screen rather than a cinema hall screen.
The movie was Sherlock Holmes. There are some mistakes made in the movie. On the whole its an engrossing movie. Some dialogues are meant to tickle funny bones but unfortunately it fails to do so.
Some things remained like reading a book. Like, when Sherlock goes to explain each incident of death. Unless one follows it closely, its difficult to comprehend what he said.
Take your time and watch it. It didnt impress me like “Rock N Rolla” but its worth a watch.

London Dreams (Hindi movie) – Review

Arjun (Ajay Devagan) has the big dream of London Dreams, to make it big on stage of music. In the process joins Priya (Asin) and his return to India brings with him Mannu (Salman Khan). What happens next do they make it big is the rest of the movie. A real dry script. The movie is no big shake.
Am still left wondering what is the role of Asin in the movie. Except for 2-3 dialouges in Tamil, dancing around. She doesnt even motivate Arjun or Mannu to make it big.
Few dialouges for Salman makes people laugh but its for 2-3minutes of a big movie.
Why does Arjun slap himself with belt is not known. Is it lust or love for Priya is also not clear.
The songs are too loud. Background score doesnt even matter.

Overall a poorly made movie. Maybe a 1 out of 5 will be my rating.
Skip this movie if you have anything else even not important to do.

Vaarnam Aayiram – Movie Review

“Daddy Daddy Daddy”. Too much of anything is bad and too much usage of daddy just makes one sick at the end of the movie. Instead of driving the point of love for dad, director drives viewers mad. This is a weak attempt to what was done really well in the movie Thavamai Thavamirundu.
The director seems clearly confused on what he wanted to do. He wants to depict love for dad, love for wife girlfriend, love for country. All in 3.5hrs a saga which is incomplete.
The news of death of his father starts the flashback and flashback almost forgetting that Surya is on a rescue mission. In the 3hr10min journey to rescue a journalist kidnapped by terrorist, the director completes the narration of Surya’s fathers romance with his mother (Simran). His failed romance with heroine (Sameera Reddy, man she is damn hot). The transition of failed romance to becoming a drug addict to travelling to Himalayas in search of self discovery. And the later self efforts put in rescuing the son of Memon family. And thus the motivation to join Indian Army. (Never knew joining army was so easy and a decision which could just be announced over dinner table, you got guts man) You thought the movie is complete romance movie. But director takes you all by surprise. He has Surya in main role and Surya has developed 6-pack abs just for this movie so how is it possible. So you are shaken into world of action suddenly. But this action sequence is what transforms Surya into a person ready go on a rescue mission. All in all the director leaves just 5mins for the rescue mission. Isnt rescuing a kidnapped person so easy, just get down there at the spot, spray some bullets, sacrifice some fellow comrades, kill all milltants when your other comrades are just watching you do all the shooting & killing.
Only you (hero, sir) can shoot & kill correctly since you are a Major and main hero of the movie. If there was a close associate he would have been killed, luckily audience was spared of that remaining emotional angle.
Not only the character of Surya undergoes transition, even the movie undergos transition. From Thavamai Thavamirundu, the movie changes over to Autograph. Director Cheran should be proud of influence his work has but not in the way this weak attempt was made.

The 80’ish style romance between Surya & Simran stands out. Sameera Reddy stands out among all others by her hotness. The director has taken good care of the detail. Displaying only Ambassdor & Bullets and photo’s of those days Madras in background.
The songs are good to hear, but too many cramped into the first 1.5hrs left me thinking whether am I in 1940’s when there used to be only songs in movies. Some songs are easily forgettable. The picturisation is not all that great.
There is background score at one point using flute and drums, that stands out.

Could have been better made. Watchable once.

Quantum of Solace – Movie review

M: Bond, come back.
Bond: I never left!

Are you a James Bond fan of Pierce Brosnan era, then you will definitely be disappointed not to see gizmos and dozen geeky stuff in the car. A James Bond fan of Roger Moore or sean Connery era would not be disappointed and would definitely see more.
But unlike a typical James Bond (Daniel Craig) in this movie he does not flirt much with girls. Maybe thats the new concept getting evolved. The initial stunt scene after title song is much like stunt scene in earlier movie Casino Royale. The fight scenes are getting more manly and much throwing around happening between the bad guys & James Bond. If you are used to watching James Bond, racing in his car scrapping through bad guys or fighting against the odds in boat chase, well, you get to watch it again. But what you might not have watched is Bond flying a big plane!

This movie continues from previous one Casino Royale on a personal motive. He travels from Italy to Austria to London to Haiti to Italy to Bolivia to Russia before the movie ends. In due course he learns about the motive of Dominic Greene (Mathew Amalric) to take control of water resource in Bolivia by transactions with General Medrano (Joaquin Cosio). What happens later on is anybody’s easy guess but watch out. The female lead Camillie (Olga Kurylenko) has her own reasons to take revenge on General.
‘M (Judi) is getting too old and maybe should stop acting giving way to others for being M.

A proper entertainer in terms of physical action.