Half Marathon for a cause

With some running plan in my mind I checked for running event and I registered myself for this event for a cause.
This was to be my first ever run outside India. Am happy though it was not a properly organised run, it was for a cause.
This was organised by NCT in “Running against Cancer. Due to overwhelming registrations, the run was delayed by 30mins.
At around 6:30pm we started running. I just followed the pack since I did not know the route and following the crowd is best option.
The weather was hot and almost like weather back home. The humidity factor was also there since we were running by the side of river. After few meters we went through beautiful landscapes and through the fields. It was really looking great. I did not carry my mobile to take photos.
The timing of completion did not matter except the update of results on the website. I found my name on registered participants. I did not find my name on the results page!
I was relaxed for this run and this was my first half marathon after December, 2014. I have not practiced in the time since except few kms here and there. Technically I was not fit for 42kms but my body can sustain around 30kms of running.

During the run due to humidity and having got used to water stations at 2.5kms mark, I was looking for one here too. The first water point was after 7th km, I think so.Between 10th to 15th km I was losing my body salts and I could fee it on my face and hands. I was in immediate requirement of some salt based drink and water. Finally somewhere after 15th, I believe, there was a water station. Picked up a cut apple and a drink which contained magnesium and calcium (it turned out to be disaster post run). Later I gulped some more water and a mashed fruit packet. Then I understood why some of them run with water pouch around waist.

Few pointers for improvement:
1. Water stations at every 2.5km required if the weather is hot and humid.
2. Distance marker, especially for guys like me who are not resident here.
3. Run route update on website, atleast day before the run

What made the run great
1. A superb route with beautiful landscape
2. Mix of trail and tar
3. A route with no traffic
4. Arrangement of ambulance
5. People cheering from the sides

It was good one to run after 1.5yrs+. Hopefully more to come.


Heidelberg, Germany

After the Heidelberg bridge across Neckar if you still keep going down towards end of town, you will find water flowing with strong currents. I was wondering why the currents are high in this area You will not find anything out of ordinary here. The towns look the same as in other places over Neckar.
There is just one iron based long cylindrical object which causes such currents. At the other end of bridge you would notice two sets of three gates. Turn around and you will find a board on the wall. This is Hydro-electric power project by Neckar AG. started in 1991.
Why are there three gates parallel to each other. These are for the boats and ships to pass through the river. The boat crosses one gate and second gate. Now, they need to stop between the second and third gates.

Water is pumped in between the two gates so that the water level is same as the river on the other side.

One the level is reached the third gate is opened and the boat passes through. There is one guy manning the gates from the shore.
Pretty interesting how well managed it is. Photos later after uploading them.