Raman Raghav 2.0 – Movie Review

A movie inspired by a 1960 character Raman Raghav of Mumbai with no relation to the actual person who died in 1995. <yawn> <yawn> <yawn>
One person is inside the system and another outside the system. Both have similar mindsets. Raman is a serial killer who kills anyone including his own sister when they cross a particular imaginary line drawn in his mind. Raghav the one inside the system is drawn towards this mindset maybe could be referenced to drug usage. He hurts his own father, goes on rampage with his drug supplier and kills the girl with whom his relation is undetermined except that she aborted 3 times.

The shift from Raman to Raghav and how this happens is what this movie is all about. Probably showing different sides in each person. To this extent Raman stalks Raghav at all times.

There are “gorified” music to certain scenes to make us understand the nature of killing.
certain dialogues are crisp and short.
The movie is shot chapter wise a la Quentin Tarantino. Oh no no the class of him is not there. Though direction is definitely better and high for Bollywood standards.
Nawazuddin Siddiqui has infact saved the movie with his acting.

Nothing great about the movie other than this. It would not be you missed a classy movie if you did not watch it.
My rating 3/5.

Anurag Kashyap definitely watches lot of other languages movies, maybe Tamil more! There is a reference to the Tamil movie Angadi Theru! 🙂


Udta Punjab – Movie Review

Drugs, guns, sex the mantra. Put state of Punjab and a touch to cross border smuggling. Laced with emotions, touch of love and remorse. Thus you get the movie Udta Punjab!
The movie brings certain aspects of reality.
1. How easy it is to smuggle drugs.
2. How they manufacture and sell drugs.
3. The nexus between various people.
4. The usage by singers.
5. The people mindset.
6. Treatment of women and forcing them.

The movie is made well in those aspects without allowing audience to lose interest. They manage to give commercial angle for box office success when Tommy goes to save the girl and a happy ending.

Tommy (Shahid Kapoor) is a stage performer under the influence of drugs and songs with words referring to same which gives him success. If the other jail inmates were not successful in changing him, though they opened his eyes to reality, it is a girl (Alia Bhat) who changes him.

Watch the movie to know how and what else happens. Enjoy the crispy script and some humor and usage of abusive words. Only that I was expecting a non-commercial ending.

In my view it is 3.5/5.

Piku (Hindi) – Movie Review

Statutory Warning: Do not feel constipated on your seat.

Piku as a movie is a good entertainer. All the characters most of us would be able to relate to especially in today’s urban upper middle class family.

A single daughter who juggles between her father’s taunt’s and office. Daughter who is irritated and frustrated due to her father and takes the anger out on others. Daughter whose temper shoots up at any instance.
A father who constantly feels he has problem with his stomach and keeps taking medicines all through. Father who always feels girls are not meant for getting married and submitting themselves.
Constant arguments between father and daughter.
A doctor who probably has the father as his only patient.
The male maid who is obediently with the father character taking care of his needs and the house. Happy that he is better off except at times when he shows his emotions of complaints on tantrums.
The co-owner of architect firm who is also trying to woo the daughter in personal life. Agrees to everything said.
The taxi driver who finds it difficult with drivers who run away on mention of picking up the daughter. Who finally turns up as driver and takes all humiliation from the father and finally manages to win a soft corner with the daughter.
And not to leave we have a mashi who wants the daughter to get married and tries to fix her with single men. Who though married multiple times thinks marriage is the ultimate.

The daughter is Deepika Padukone (Piku), father is Amitabh Bachan (Bhaskor Bannerjee), taxi driver is Irfaan Khan (Rana Choudhary), co-owner of architect firm is Jishu Sengupta (Syed Afroze).
The best part is all characters have done the role with so much effect that it looks like a typical family drama. There are emotions, motions, romance.

None of the scenes or the characters are over-dramatized. At a moment when you may feel it is getting boring there is a change. Actually nothing is done overboard to make you feel like getting up and leaving the cinema hall.

Personally I believe it is performance of Amitabh Bachan which has given the motion to the movie.
This movie is worth the watch and you would laugh loud, motionless.

My rating 4/5.

PK – Movie Review (Hindi)

Aamir Khan and Anoushka Sharma have done a good performance in the PK. PK is actually a word used for a person who is drunk. Aamir Khan is a guy who comes from different planet to research about Earth. Fortunately or unfortunately he lands in Rajasthan and is stolen of his only possession which is also the device to go back to his home.

What follows is a hilarious take on superstition and our blind faith in God. And how we put so much money in the name of God but not to feed poor kids. There is loads of humour in the way he follows each religion and the practices to get what he wants.
Stealing clothes from dancing cars, doing “anga pradakshana”, breaking coconut, serving wine…

Do not worry there is entertainment factor in the name of songs and emotions too. The director could have done without songs unfortunately this is bollywood.

Songs are just fine though I do not recollect the background score now.

The script does loose down a little in the 2nd half.

Bollywood goes to prove that they can make even aliens fall in love, sing a song, shake the leg! 🙂

In the end we humans teach one important thing to any other species, “To Lie”!

The movie is one time watch.

My rating 3/5.

Pizza 3D – Movie Review

1. Remake of the Tamil original Pizza
2. Storyline is the same

Let down:
1. Lot of loop holes
2. Drooping script
3. Needless graphics
4. Nothing scary with 3D
5. Actors could have put in more effort

Tamil version was polished and crisp.

Should you watch:
At your own risk

My rating:

Chennai Express – Movie Review (Hindi)

Chennai Express for all the bad pre-release expectations and reviews turns out to be better entertainment. Remove Deepika Padukone and her Hindi or Thamizh speaking efforts. Sharukh Khan has tried a lot and even acted more than money he would have received, in simple terms over-acting at times.

Where this movie differs from other movies is in not forcing all the cast to speak in Hindi unlike movies where even American police officers would speak Hindi! 

Satyaraj as father of Deepika has done a role which he has always excelled from the time of his entry to films. His usual lines of ‘ennama kannu’.

Locations are good but processed so much that its an eye sore too at times. One wonders whether these are real locations too at many times.

The movie has humour in the dialogues and communicating thru songs gets boring too beyond a point.

Something is there that in recent times SRK has tried to include Rajinikanth to promote his movies. If Rajini was there in one song in Ra One, here his cut-outs are behind in lungi dance to pull the South Indian audience. Though lungi dance misses the punch compared to real lungi dances.

Some action scenes are having typical Rohit Shetty touch. Background music can be ignored. It is not irritating though. Songs though especially two numbers are party numbers.

Rather than putting up a movie based in America or Europe or Australia it is refreshing to see it based within other parts of India. 

A simple story line of hero helping heroine get onto a train (Chennai Express) without knowing what he is getting into. SRK is in the train to go to Rameshwaram to immerse his grand-dad’s ashes. Contrary to his grand-mom’s wish and expectation he plans to go to Goa for having a ball of time with his friends. Unfortunately, things don’t happen as planned.

Deepika is running away from home (Komban village, never heard of it) so as not to marry the guy arranged for. She lies to her father that hero loves her. Fights come up, songs are there, running away and chases are there. What happens in the end is anybody’s guess, well rather nothing to guess that is how the movie is supposed to end.

There are factual errors though. Chennai Express never goes to places deep down south. South Indians and villagers deep down do speak hindi unlike what is projected. Malayali dance artists cannot become Tamilians. One can think when the villagers walk around with rifles why use sickle in fight sequences! 🙂

Given all that for the wholesome no tension entertainment would give this movie 3/5 rating. Leave your brains and just watch and enjoy.


Lootera (Hindi) – Movie review

A slow beginning to a love story and a love story which does not have the tag “And they lived happily ever after”. But the heroine ends with a smile on her lips.

This movie is not an entertainer that one can expect fight and dance sequences at every 15min interval. The first moves rather slowly than expected with director taking his own time to build the characters and then evolve the story. Sonakshi Sinha’s eye expression are a delight, a lot conveyed through it. The music matches the scenes except few times when one is disappointed.

The way the build up of love from love at first sight to the time Ranveer Singh leaves the house is artistic. Some locations are really awesome and at times when the voice goes low like talking a secret, director has really taken care of these details. Using single light to shoot the sequence inside the car is nice.

The grainy filmy gives an effect of 1953 the year when the movie is based and also abolition of zamindari powers.

Moving into the second half one feels the same artistic pleasure would be there. Unfortunately the director disappoints over here. The last 20mins if had been edited and not rolled into a Bollywood type movie would have left a bigger impression. After that point it was anybody’s guess what’s going to happen. And director has to give chance to hero to explain and express his love, right. So, that 20mins ends up wasting the time and taking it towards yet another commercial.

The sequence lighting is still dark at lot of times giving an impression as to usage of natural light.

Felt at one point it was like watching Mani Ratnam movie with so much of darkness, powerful dialogues.

Plus points:


Sonakshi Sinha expression and way of communicating.





Let down:

Background score, very loud at times.

Prolonging the story.

Some songs inserted inside.


Overall I would give a rating of 3.5/5.