Men & back slap

In the movie Pink, Amitabh Bachan concludes stating that:
1. Women should not laugh and talk
2. Women should not touch and talk
3. Women should not have a drink

All these are inviting for a man. These are signals sent out by girls.

Today morning while I was returning during my run near Bellandur Petrol Bunk a girl was walking on the service road. Two men on a moped are coming from a distance. Suddenly when they are close to the girl the palm of the guy sitting behind stretches out. The moment I call out his hand goes inside folded. Nothing happened.

What remains in our mind is what our Sultan said “baby ko bass pasand hai”. So conveniently conveyed as “base” with the action and nobody wanted to censor.

Whirlpool – Service & Social Media

It all started in the month of May 2016. After noticing for a month the fluctuation in cooling of the refrigerator, I called up whirlpool customer care and registered a complaint. The technician who arrived at the house conveniently said it is gas problem and refill is required and would send the concerned technician.
In 2nd half of June, the technician did come to fill the gas. Post which he discovered the core board was not working. He reported the issue to his boss and his boss promptly gave the response which is normally given to customer. “Sir, two days part would be available.” 2 days became 5 days to a week to 2 weeks to 3 weeks. In the meantime he asked us to contact his boss and put pressure! <brilliant tactics>
Frustrated with the behavior we made a post on social media, twitter and facebook. Whirlpool India facebook page post did not get any response from the company. With more than 40days since identifying the problem now the whirlpool incharge asked us to send model number and serial number and buy a new fridge since the core board was not available anywhere in India. I asked him for the requisition form which he had sent to his head office. I did suspect foul play.
On the other side I kept posting to the twitter handle of whirlpool customer care, apparently this is caters to US region. Due to constant posts and complaining about the attitude of whirlpool service guys in India finally they relented. They forwarded the complaint to India head office and then the action started. I got a call from Delhi office of Whirlpool. They followed it up and found that core board did exist in India. <unlike what was claimed by Bangalore office>
A week later the board reached Bangalore and was fixed by a different technician.

If you are talking to Madhu from Whirlpool, Bangalore ask him clearly what is going to be his action plan.

What this entire episode also highlights is the importance given to social media in India and in USA. While the India handlers ignored, the US after repeatedly pressing on understood there was a real problem. Thankfully there was someone listening.

Music & Safety for runners

I may not be qualified to write long post on this topic.
This is something from what I keep observing and how things are around me.

Music is a great company while running. Lot of runners like to plug in music and keep oneself motivated to run. Some keep the volume low while some keep the volume high. The genre of music also varies.

While the attention is to running and music, lot of them are not aware about what is around them. When we block the ears with music, we are blocking that essential sense from listening to approaching sounds form behind. Theory could be that run against the flow of traffic.
At least in India, the flow of traffic is not restricted to one side. There are lot of road uses who drive/ride their vehicles on the wrong side also. There are in this some elements who would extend their arm on to the runners. Though I have no idea whether extending the arm onto body of runners translates to climax. It is definitely going to take decades to change the mindset of our people. In this time one cannot stop running citing these reasons.

When not listening to music we tend to listen to sounds around us and it is quite probable that we may move away from these elements.

If listening to music is something that cannot be avoided then it is better to run inside parks or around lakes where there are more public. Or to run in a group who also maintain same pace.

Run safe, be safe.

Traffic Observation – 3

Today was not a good day to begin with. While I observe other people and their skills and lack of rear-view mirrors. Close to my work place at a right turn my two wheeler went into blind spot of a big bus of “SAM Tours and Travels”.
Luckily for me nothing major happened. The bus left rear back edge clipped my right side rear-view mirror. In the process this came of its holder and fell down. Nothing is broken and I would have to fit the mirror back.
I find it very difficult to ride without one now. I am wondering how others manage.

Traffic Observation – 2

Today I noticed a pretty normal behaviour with little strangeness. There was this guy on 2-wheeler (Activa, white colour). When he wants to move right he will continue to move right no matter who is behind. Same was the case when he moves left. And he would honk if there is a vehicle in front of him especially a 2-wheeler.

This is normal of everyone. What was strange about this guy was he had covered his head with jacket hood and which also closed his forehead. This was not a tight fitting hood. So with the flap it would obstruct his view of vehicles on right and left. he had a helmet of course though one which would not protect his head in event of accident.

He would have been feeling cold so protected his ears. I would rather suggest him to use a full face helmet rather than a dummy one. And to not use the hood in a manner which would obstruct his view.

Traffic observation – 1

Let me see how far I can go on this series. Most of my observations would be of and on ORR.

Two observations for the morning.
1. An audi car honking from Ibulur like a stressed dog peeing every second. Till Bellandur flyover (maybe going towards EcoSpace) was not able to race through. Looked to be appointed driver with a lady sitting behind. When not able to cut through the vehicles and move faster what is the point of honking. driver tried all avenues of moving across 3 lanes available in ORR.
Tip: Next time drive on the median. No vehicular obstruction.

2. An yellow board car. Everybody is standing at signal at Total Mall on ORR. This in direction towards KR Puram. He wants to take a turn and signal is red. Everybody has stopped surprisingly for early morning. This driver moves forward to take a turn causing annoyance to others following green signal. Two passengers inside the vehicle. I don’t think they questioned the driver because the driver completed the turn when the signal was red!

Bengaluru Marathon

The first Bengaluru Marathon after Bangalore Marathon 8years ago. I had no interest in participating and did not register also. Few days before the event my friend asked if I wanted to and he had an additional bib. Was tempted to run and accepted the offer.
Today, the day of run, I ran to the venue since there was no one up for car pooling who responded to my post and I did not wanted to take out my vehicle. It is a distance little above 6kms from my home and was not a big deal. Only issue was lack of light on the road and I was not sure where I would be landing my foot next. So in all I ran the 6kms in 36mins. Did a little stretches and was ready to start after meeting old friends and relatives.
I wanted to run in the most relaxed manner. If I was running for myself I would have had definitely ran faster. I ran with a friend initially along with the 5hr bus and then left him after 5kms I think. My strategy today was to eat lots during the run. So I grabbed biscuits, bananas, cup of water and electrolyte and took it really easy. Around 20kms mark I asked for time and I was still within 2hrs from start meaning less than 6mins per km. I was not slow even though I spent sufficient time at water stations and refreshed myself. Around 27th the devil in me stuck again and told me very strongly to go home. The biggest reason being the route was right behind my house around 27th-29th kms.
After 2kms I finally decided to give in to the devil and ran to my home! I did not get the medal but I was happy with my performance. I had run around 29.5kms in 2hrs55mins.

It was a well organized run. It always helps when runners organize the marathons since they know what is required and how to manage. Congratulations to all my friends who managed their personal best timings.

Inner Ring Road was one great stretch to run today. All the army guys came out stood by the side of the street and they kept clapping continuously motivating the runners. It was a great sight to watch and pass through.

The Bangalore Traffic Police did a commendable job by closing the traffic. Like always the public will voice out and curse the runners for blocking the traffic. Hypocrites they are who would not complain when roads and traffic are blocked due to some political activities and they would even go a step further to cause damage to public property.

Hoping that there would be one more marathon next year and this would not fade away like the previous version.