Pet Registration – Pes/Fena Registrace

In Czech Republic when you bring your pet dog from different country or bring a new one home, he or she has to be registered with 15days. It is a very simple process which I was not aware how to initially. Thanks some who gave useful information on Facebook.
Brno city is split into different municipalities. Knowing under which division your house is located in, you have to find the municipality office (úrad městské části). To access their website click here.

When you go to the location look for department Odbor rozpočtu a financování. I walked in little bit knowledge of Czech language is useful. Not because they would respond if you speak in English, their knowledge of English is limited. Thanks to my classes over the months, I was able to convey to the lady what I wanted. She took the papers for photocopy along with my resident card. She gave a form to fill and helped in translating the text.

The fees is taken from the month the pet is living with you and it is an annual fees! The fees is different if you live in flat or individual house. Once you pay the fees and collect the receipt they also give you a pendant for the collar which has a number printed. This number is stored in the record for all future reference.
My house is under Zidenice district and the address of the office is:

Úřad městské části Brno-Židenice
Gajdošova 4392/7, 615 00 Brno-Židenice

(3.patro, místnost č.314)
Po, st 8:00 h-11:00 h
Po, st 11:30 h-17:00 h

3rd floor, room number 314.
Working hours:
Monday & Wednesday – 8:00am – 11:00am, 11:30am – 5:00pm.

The total time for registration is 10mins. The annual fee is 1000CZK.

Few Czech words which could help:
Dobry Den (Good Day)
Pes Registrace (Pet registration)
Jmeno (Name)
Pes/Fena (Male/Female Dog)
Od Kdy (From When)
Datum (Date)
Podpis (Signature)
Byt/Dum (Apartment/Individual house)
Psi Plemeno (Dog Breed)

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