Prague International Half Marathon

7 months after moving to Brno on 7th April I ran my first international marathon outside my country (India), the 20th edition of Prague International Half Marathon.


I liked their tag line!

And on the bib “Today we Run”.
The weather was a mix with wind freezing me up mixed with hot sun and humid conditions. Except for chillness, heat and humidity is not to be scared of having run in Mumbai Marathon and Chennai Marathon!
During the run when I looked up front or behind there like hundreds of people. It was exciting and also I was amazed by the numbers. All the public cheering all through the route, musicians playing instruments, support stations (contains water, aerated water, gatorade, bananas, oranges, salt, sugar and sponge in water).
The run started on time and my goal was to just run. 2 weeks of training after a month of illness I was not in good shape. Few days prior to falling sick I was getting in shape with training and was looking for sub 1hr45mins finish.
A week before the run at a realistic estimate I knew I could finish at 2hrs +/- few minutes. I kept a steady pace through the run, hydrated myself sufficiently and enjoyed the route. The route was mix of up, down, up, down, flat and along the river just reminded me of running along Marine Drive in Mumbai! I followed few tips from Gladson Johnson:
1. Swing arm
2. Breathe from nose
3. Stay hydrated
In the end I had a comfortable finish.

The run was important and special since it was to welcome my family who would be moving in with me this month!
Thanks to my employer SAP.
Personally irrespective of time, the excitement was similar to after I finished my first marathon in 2005!

PS: I don’t know who, there was a girl in bride’s dress with her man who finished the run! That’s a nice moment.

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