15yrs gone by (Office life)

People ask me how did I manage to be in same company, same team working on same stuff for past 13.5yrs.

Life at SAP offers you plethora of opportunities both inside and outside. While I was working with same team I added work to my portfolio which would be beneficial for organisation and self. There are possibilities to explore new areas of work. Apart from that there are possibilities to contribute your service for other teams who would need an extra hand. If you don’t want to contribute elsewhere, you can always work on innovation. No one literally stops you from coming up with an idea and working on the same. The importance is in finding people of similar pulse. There are also other possibilities like contributing for social cause in the buckets of projects that come up especially during “Month of Service”. And lastly you can explore the world outside on your own. Given the number of vacation days is pretty much sufficient to take a break always and re-energize oneself. One can also dedicate 120% to work but I have seen this organisation being genuinely concerned if you do not take a break.

It all depends on the individual of how he/she wants to shape up. Work is always a priority, if there is a conflict of interest there is always the door to walk out. I personally explored all the options indulged in some. There are frustrations at times which is there everywhere when we do not see light even at the end of the tunnel. There is an internal satisfaction when you hear sounds of clap after a presentation or words of appreciation from stakeholders or a word of thanks from customer.

Sports is considered as a team event. Individual activities like running and cycling are considered leisure activities for personal interest. The management at SAP believed in us (the employees) and where ready to invest in this domain. This was at a time when no corporate was literally investing on employees in individual sports. There was a mutual benefit again for organisation and for employees. Today if SAPRoadies has a name outside or inside is because management decided to invest in this.

There are times when I felt proud of what I had done and there are times when I had let down. When I look back, am happy in whatever I did contribute and I could have done lot better than what I did in some areas. May not be 100% in all but definitely sufficient to have held on for 13yrs!

If everything was going good then why did I decide to move out? Is it managers? Is it conflict of interest? Any other reason?


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