Paytm can let you down

Last night was probably the worst experience with Paytm and what could probably be many more to come in future.
I did not have sufficient cash in my Paytm Wallet to make a purchase. I added quite a significant amount into the wallet. The transaction was complete. My bank confirmed transfer to Paytm.
All fine. What is the problem?

When I scanned the QR code to make the payment and entered the amount, Paytm gave message “xx.xx” amount less and do you want to transfer from bank account into wallet to complete the transaction.
I agreed with Paytm messaged, transferred the said amount from my bank account. My bank sent a SMS confirming the transfer to Paytm Wallet.
Lo behold, Paytm gave a message still of insufficient funds. When in reality I had made two transfers of more than requisite amount.

This resulted in me unable to pay for the item I wanted to buy. Imagine if this scenario happens regularly.

How can one trust Paytm with these kind of issues. Am rethinking about “Paytm Karo”.

This could not just be problem of Paytm. It could also be of Zeta and many other providers in this area.


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