Udta Punjab – Movie Review

Drugs, guns, sex the mantra. Put state of Punjab and a touch to cross border smuggling. Laced with emotions, touch of love and remorse. Thus you get the movie Udta Punjab!
The movie brings certain aspects of reality.
1. How easy it is to smuggle drugs.
2. How they manufacture and sell drugs.
3. The nexus between various people.
4. The usage by singers.
5. The people mindset.
6. Treatment of women and forcing them.

The movie is made well in those aspects without allowing audience to lose interest. They manage to give commercial angle for box office success when Tommy goes to save the girl and a happy ending.

Tommy (Shahid Kapoor) is a stage performer under the influence of drugs and songs with words referring to same which gives him success. If the other jail inmates were not successful in changing him, though they opened his eyes to reality, it is a girl (Alia Bhat) who changes him.

Watch the movie to know how and what else happens. Enjoy the crispy script and some humor and usage of abusive words. Only that I was expecting a non-commercial ending.

In my view it is 3.5/5.

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