Jan 2012 (part 2) – Murud

One of the unkown and not so touristic place is Murud in Raigad district of Maharashtra. This is only beach destination which is close to a hill station, Dapoli

. From Dapoli, Murud is about 8-10kms away and could be reached in an auto share.
Most tourists to this beach destination are from either Pune or Mumbai. Very peaceful place and few options for stay this is more a place for relaxing.
What to do here? Nothing actually. One can laze around, climb trees, watch birds, play with dogs, observe butterflies.

Month of January is also season when all blooms!
There is a small temple nearby and a village school. One can make a day trip to Janjira Fort in the sea. Also close to is Harnai and Anjarle.

This is a perfect getaway for all those who want to be away from crowds on the beach in Goa and other parts of Maharashtra.

Reflections, Murd Beach

Reflections, Murd Beach

PS: It is possible that the place of stay then is not in existence today.

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