Digboi – Oil oil

In 1887 after years of research the Britishers got people into action of “dig boy dig” for oil. Post digging within hundreds of feet they stuck oil. And then came extraction of wax and petrochemical. From Burmah Oil Company to Assam Oil to Indian Oil Corporation.


The 1st oil well dried by 1903…



Exploration in nearby areas and getting oil has not stopped. All this and more can be learnt at the museum started and maintained by IOC. It is titled “The Digboi Story”. If you are in these parts of India it is important to make a visit here to learn our history.

Near to the museum is” War Cemetery “.


This is in memory of all those who laid down their lives defending against Japanese during 2nd World War.
For one I was amazed by how beautifully it has been maintained. Few minutes of silence.



Just out of curiosity took few photos of goat!


Margherita is a tea garden about 14kms from digboi which we did not visit due to rains!

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