Mayapuri Wax Museum

Apparently the board claims to be India’s first Wax Museum. What is in the name Mayapuri?


After purchasing the tickets and you get it half torn by security (process of authentication) the first Wax statue impresses. It is of Jack the sparrow and looks so real.


The next one to be spotted and further on one gets a feeling why have they screwed it up. Most have something weird and looks like the artist got into two minds!


I don’t remember when I saw Amitabh Bachan like this. Moving down the rooms what caught the eye was these two paintings.


It is half man and woman. It is just amazing how both are embedded into one another.


This is another beauty. Cut off any one feature of the face and see what you are left with. In today’s time it makes lot of sense.
What will catch your eye is the illusionary room. The projections are so perfect. It does feel like we are next to animals or walking down the steps. It also gives an impression that how you act is what is getting reflected or mirrored. Just check below.



When stepping out from exit door you are left wondering whether visit was worth 100/- as entrance fee!?!?
All the work of art are by artists from kottayam.

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