KPN Travels — An experience

It has been quite some time since I boarded private bus for travel down south.
Most non-A/C buses are also used for transportation of perishable items. This is definitely a scam where vendors save money from giving to Govt. This is nothing new.
At hosur the bus stops for close to an hour to load the luggage and passengers don’t get a decent place to eat dinner.
And then time is spent on unloading the luggage at different towns like Salem, kovilpatti, Tirunelveli, nagercoil.

The worst part is passengers are given 20mins for using restroom and have a cup of coffee. And the bus stops at place where men can use roadside to pee. It is better to be open than use restroom due to hygiene issues.
The bus which leaves Bangalore at 6:00pm reaches kanyakumari at 10:00am. No stop for breakfast.
If the operator’s can be more sensitive for humans there would be better customer satisfaction.
Apparently nobody is bothered. Commuters do not question. Operator’s like KPN thrive on that. They want more money.

Unless the commuters complain or government takes action things will not change.


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