Men and mindset

This post is based on a recent cycling story in India written by a single lady cyclist from a foreign country. The link to the post is here.
When people elsewhere read these the whole idea of Incredible India goes for a toss.

Disclaimer: Am not blaming 100% Indian Men, lest our men start attacking me for this.

Primarily there are few things which our Indian men have learnt or lived on with:
1. White skin is good.
2. Single lady is everything on the plate ready to be picked.
3. Alone is like icing on the cake.
4. A cycling lady (any sport for that matter) is perceived as good stamina

That a man has not done anything forcibly is due to recent campaigns against rape and diplomacy issues arising out of similar incidents. There is some fear.

Some reasons which are true to a large extent why men go to such levels and bring a bad reputation is:
1. Upbringing by parents and relatives
2. What we see is what we live on. How women are treated at home leaves an impression in the mind of children.
3. The society. There will be rules for how a woman should behave.
4. Our cinema. The boy puts a hook, teasing or other means. The girl first time, second time refuses. Then later after 1hr you would see them dancing around happily ever after.
5. The television. Agree or disagree lot of men sit late in the night to watch FTv.
6. White is fair. Check all the advertisements with regard to fairness cream.

The society is in my opinion biggest culprit. Men formed the society and brought up women in the mindset that “cover” yourself up completely lest men pass comments on you. The same society does not tell men, don’t “piss” on compound walls lest women grab you by balls.
Another common ideology that people have is “why” should you do such things. Sit at home or go to office and come home. “Get married and do what you want”.
The society will change when people will change. This is the toughest thing. In my understanding it is the current generation and the next generation which is going to set the trend. Unless they bring in matured outlook of things it would get more difficult.

Yes there is definitely a change in mindset. This is restricted to only 50% of metro cities. Even today in metro city you could find a current generation who would pass a comment “who asked her to cycle alone” or “why should she cycle”. “why not go and see places in a group”.

The other media which can influence is the cinema industry. The subject of movies have to change. The way they portray women has to change. Initially few movies would do bad. But if you are going to show nothing else than respecting women via this channel, people would grow up with that mindset.

The previous generation cannot be changed and does not make sense to change them. It is our generation which has to see the change through.

There would be a day in future when a single lady cycling alone would not write such an article.


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