Google Photos

That ROFL moment of the day! 🙂

Google has an algorithm which would scan all the photos and classify as “people”, “sky”, “mountains”, “things” etc etc.
Today I was looking at their classification. Under the classification of “things” there were few other classifications. It feels nice to check photos which are classified and does not need my memory to search through.
One such classification was “dogs”. I do have loads of photos of dogs on my albums and was looking into them.
What made this ROFL moment was a recent photo where people have bent down to do an exercise. Google photos classified this under section of “dogs”. Makes me wonder if it is the position of hands & legs? Or is it that since the photo does not have a face of humans the algorithm failed.
Either way’s I had a good laugh. I hope they re-look at the algorithm soon to avoid such embarrassment in future!

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