Sanskrit & Objection

The trend currently is not any different from what it was in past. Anything that is from past is associated to religion, community and objected to even look into the positives. Same holds good with Sanskrit.
Most of the vedic literature have been written in Sanskrit. These texts contain lot of information which could be used for development. The problem lies in two things here “vedic” and “sanskrit”.
When the education minister circulates IIT’s to teach Sanskrit little do people understand or want to see through why? Rather we have criticize, comment and ridicule and protest.

What India has missed out in centuries has got translated in the west. We made the mistake in the past and we want to continue to do the same by critical comments.
German Universities are investing big time in Sanskrit. In India the best comment is “we are wasting time learning a dead language”. Read the article here.

Unfortunately the language dies because of people not using it. When related to economy, it could have happened in Sanskrit. Why did adoption of Hindi come in then? We all know the reasons and the influence.

Like quoted in this article by a German professor. Also read the other links. Link1. Link2.

For all those criticizing maybe they should do research before shutting down everything. At other times we would say think positive, be ready to accept different things and all those soft skills terminologies. Probably, read through and prove why vedic literature is wrong. If there are facts why not believe it.
There are facts based on some researchers which are “positive’. Like here and here.

The easier alternative would be to get an effective translator and get the scriptures translated to English and our “engineers” produced from IIT’s could take it forward from there! That way there would be no criticism also!

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