Love and hate relationship (1)

More than 10yrs back I did not like the concept of riding 2-wheeler. I felt it was unsafe and preferred 4-wheeler. Later one ride changed it all.

it was RTMC 5A ride in year 2006, which shyam talked about being part of it. I took his ThunderBird and had not ridden 2-wheeler on any roads till then. We rode to Yercaud from Bangalore and back. This was where few of us also got together and I became part of RKMC.

Post the ride I decided to buy Royal Enfield Standard Bullet. I did not have much knowledge. Somehow rescued a “raped” bullet. A Standard 350cc Bullet which was converted to an Electra. Took it to a mechanic “Sashi” (he passed away few years back) on CP Ramaswamy Road, Chennai. He raped the bike further and did not do much work neither justice.

I got a NoC done which was a mistake which I do not repent for. Brought it to Bangalore. Did few short rides near Bangalore. It was funny since I was not really a rider in any sense. it took some time. The bike was not still doing fine and fortunately found the saviour in Seshan. He was the doctor who could do everything for a bike which raped, bruised very badly. As time went, I sat with him to also understand the intricacies involved.

After he brought “her”  (the bike) back to shape, I did many a long distance rides solo without worrying about anything. It was like I could talk to the bike and the bike would talk back to me. There has been problems with the bike, the bike has had problems with me.

We were unable to cross Rohtang Pass. But we rode from Delhi to Bangalore without issues in same month. We went together around hill stations like Valparai, Munnar, Kodaikanal in monsoon season. Few times to Pune via Goa. A long ride to Rameshwaram, to kolkatta.

We were romancing in all weather conditions in different parts of the country. And one fine day the bike brought a new angle to relation! The lady to whom I am married.

To be continued…

2 thoughts on “Love and hate relationship (1)

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