Train journey – A connection (Part 1)

A travel by train is something that one would always look forward to, from kid to elderly. There is always a missing connection.


After many a trip by road and few by air, we (wife and myself) thought of traveling to Goa (annual destination) on tracks. Indian Railways probably has the best connection service and in-house entertainment and regular food & beverages service.
We were late to catch the train for original departure time. For a reason train was luckily for us but not so lucky when the delay was 4hrs. This did give me time to work!


Only after we boarded the train we realized that we were ticket less travelers! Scenario was a e-ticket on waiting list means it is as good as cancelled. We booked from IRCTC. The amount would be refunded to your account automatically. We paid the full amount of fine for our mistake and nothing to the pocket of TTE.
This train runs through section of Konkan Railway from Castle Rock. With the delay of 4hrs, we also missed the early morning beautiful view at Linda Station.
This though did not dampen the spirit and the freeness!




Every time we passed through a tunnel there would that loud shrill whistle sounds and hooting!



And which is the best way to spend time in a train journey?
1. Chat with co-passengers
2. Watch the views and changing landscape
3. Eat from every vendor who passes by. Improve their economy.
4. Walk up and down.
5. Play cards, UNO…
6. Sleep. Sleep. Sleep!


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