Self Introspection – 2-Wheelers

Being a non-peak time of the year for traffic on the roads of Bengaluru, this post is about 2-wheeler riders and their habit(s).

Read my earlier post here.

2-Wheelers, I actually love them and hate them. I love them for the way they cut through traffic and between vehicles to save time and reach destination faster.

Most of the 2-wheeler riders though have peculiar characteristics.

  1. The rear-view mirrors are either facing the sky or the ground or the rider’s face. It is not used to spot vehicles coming from behind. Many do not have rear view mirrors, so no tension.
  2. Helmet though a must there are many who ride without wearing one, even on main roads.
  3. The way we stand at a signal is like two bikes almost colliding at each other side-ways. The other day a 2-wheeler had kept his handle bar so close to my bike almost touching my rib cage. And thats the way they squeeze out of traffic too!
  4. The headlight would be on in the morning till someone points out. In the night after riding back to destination they hardly switch of the headlight before taking out the ignition key. Stop, put side stand and take the key from ignition and go inside. This means in the morning the headlight is on!
  5. To answer a call on mobile phone there is no need to stop by the side of the road and talk. Pluck the mobile out from pocket, tuck it inside the helmet towards the ear and talk. If no helmet then croon the head to one side, hold the mobile between shoulder and ear and talk. There are many on vehicles like activa who would hold mobile with left hand and ride with right hand!
  6. Indicators! Wow! Even though there is a switch to indicate left or right turn, it is rarely used. I do not know if it being saved for a rainy day. Alternatively, hand signals can be used. Unfortunately many are not aware of all hand signals. Blame it on RTO and Driving Schools.

All said and done, 2-wheeler riders are unique. They go through all abuses from bigger vehicles, dust thrown on to the face, barely escaping from spits of people sitting inside buses, navigating through street dogs, people running across the roads, traffic constable taking the keys off at first instance. So many hurdles and still rules!

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