Free Basics & Facebook

To facebook chief and to all others, I would support your interest in increasing your economic situation if you could also highlight social causes that benefits.

  1. one instance via where people got educated and refrained from raping a girl.
  2. a report where internet reach has stopped men from ogling at women and especially firangis.
  3. where casteism has been neutered.
  4. an individual has got reach to basic constitutional rights.
  5. along with free basics of internet every house will have one free toilet.
  6. the employment rate will increase.

Being a follower of crime patrol series, there are instances where social media had been used for wrong purposes.

We were colonized century back when people came in in the name of business and took over our space. We struggled and struggled till 1990 when the doors where opened up for economic reforms.

I do like that internet reaches every individual in India unfortunately we have bigger problems which need to be resolved first. And am against the colonization from social media or internet giants. Once colonized God only knows when we will get our next freedom and socio-economic reforms.

Atleast I need better convincing strategies from you. It is a pity that though being social media giant print media help is required to push in this colonization.

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