Slow death of Nexus 4

What was initially a wonderful phone and the love of using it not just the features the camera of mobile even replace my digital camera.

Slowly time changed. During previous trip my phone Nexus 4 started heating up so much that while travelling I had to keep it close to the A/C vent to cool it down.

In past week the phone would shutdown by itself and restarting everytime became a pain. Read my earlier post here. The support from Google did not resolve the problem neither LG service.

Last few days the phone went closer to death. When removed from charging point within few minutes it would get switched off. The funny part is the phone has to be on charging mode entire day to perform any operation!

Its time to bid farewell to a phone I liked. Thanks Google for no proper response anywhere. You were supportive in saying GoodBye to Nexus 4.

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