Tamasha (Movie Review)

What a Tamasha this movie Tamasha was.

Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone came together since they are a successful pair on-screen. I just could not understand what they were trying to convey in this movie.

Yes director Imtiaz Ali when a couple who do not want to meet again why do you put through un-convincing emotions to get them together again?

Why you have been bold enough to modernise certain part to make it appeal to audience the emotions are squeezed through. Modern I say because this is not very common across India. This is when Deepika asks the taxi driver to wait for few seconds and rushes up to Ranbir and they make out.

Keeping the modern lot of couples when they say “bye” and not to meet again they don’t get desperate to search and end in a wedlock.

Maybe you could try another movie with same cast with a different and fresh script.

AR Rehman, what happened to you. I did not before I saw your name on screen thought the music score was by you. No songs registered into my mind. The background score also was not anything great. Not that the script required a fresh background score.

I would rate it as 1/5.

PS: Delayed review post due to Chennai Floods! Otherwise I would have posted last week and maybe helped someone from self-cursing for watching the movie!

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