Android 5.1 – Upgrade or death

I actually have no clue when I upgraded my phone. Whenever there is a message to upgrade from Google, I do it. Any Google application for update, I do it.

I am technically challenged and do not go to developer forums of Android and in over enthusiasm upgrade myself with SDK and stuff.

I never really complained before when my phone was getting heated up majority of time. And never paid much attention when it used to shutdown by itself.

Last week was very crucial and I needed phone when I was in Chennai for relief work over there. I needed to read posts, update and upload photos. My phone literally went dead. When mobile network was restored in the city, I was the one not able to talk to anyone!

Every time I managed to get it started there would be one standard message “Optimizing Apps”. If this operation is complete why within next few hours should the phone optimize apps after shutting down by itself.

I did a search on google and there seems to be no proper solution. Till then the answer is suffer!

Press the power button to get it started. I don’t know how long that poor button would stand the pressure.

Use charging cable when starting the phone and just to see “Optimize App’s”.

Today early morning when I got an emergency call, thank you and thanks to optimizing app’s it took much of my time to know what had happened and what was the emergency.

I cleared the cache memory and I have more than a GB of space. There were times in the past when I was with lesser space and I did not face this issue.

I wish there is some solution in sight.

One thought on “Android 5.1 – Upgrade or death

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