Open the TASMAC

Watch this song. Read the lyrics of the song here.

Open The Tasmac Ae Open The Tasu Maaku
Open The Tasmac Ae Open The Tasu Maaku
Hey Dont Close The Tasmacku Ma..
Atleast Open The Back Door’ru
Aeku Thor Theen Chaar Chaar..

Exactly the situation that happened in Chennai. Most parts were getting flooded last weeks, roads were getting cut-off, people were crying for help, people were stranded on streets, people ran to safety, people were stuck inside office and homes. Volunteers were running around to help people, women were involved in relief activities. Volunteers from coming down to Chennai from different cities, money was pouring in. Temples, mosques, marriage halls, cinema halls, shopping mall all opened up as relief centers.

In midst of all this our Government in TamilNadu had this brilliant idea of opening up TASMAC shops. A minute of thought process would have put humane touch as more important than bringing in money into Government cash reserve.

In inebriated mode some men do not behave well with women at home and imagine how they would with women who are volunteering. The Chief Minister of the state is a lady!

These men would create ruckus which is more difficult to manage and should they not use the money to buy essential commodities for their family.

Actually I was disappointed with the move of Govt. to open tasmac shops. Hope some sense prevails in future.

And where did Kovan go?

And is alcohol an essential commodity for Chennaites?

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