Traffic Observation – 2

Today I noticed a pretty normal behaviour with little strangeness. There was this guy on 2-wheeler (Activa, white colour). When he wants to move right he will continue to move right no matter who is behind. Same was the case when he moves left. And he would honk if there is a vehicle in front of him especially a 2-wheeler.

This is normal of everyone. What was strange about this guy was he had covered his head with jacket hood and which also closed his forehead. This was not a tight fitting hood. So with the flap it would obstruct his view of vehicles on right and left. he had a helmet of course though one which would not protect his head in event of accident.

He would have been feeling cold so protected his ears. I would rather suggest him to use a full face helmet rather than a dummy one. And to not use the hood in a manner which would obstruct his view.


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