White Revolution



Tribute to all milk men across India. Thanks to “milk man” of India who fathered the “white revolution” I along with many were entitled to milk through childhood. Milk which was used to be mixed with Raagi+ powder to make kanji.
Milk with boost, horlicks, complan and the list goes on. All through the childhood.
Later the addition of milk got in for coffee and tea!

Milk is required everywhere. Even in sweets like palkova. And in kheer and payasam and OMG the list is not ending.

Cannot imagine what all would have been not possible if we did not turn around from milk deficit to surplus production.

Only one sad feeling little would he have thought how bad it is for cows in decades later revolution. The abuse in dairy farms is really horrifying. Maybe we had tighter laws in the aspect of commercialization of cows.

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