Traffic observation – 1

Let me see how far I can go on this series. Most of my observations would be of and on ORR.

Two observations for the morning.
1. An audi car honking from Ibulur like a stressed dog peeing every second. Till Bellandur flyover (maybe going towards EcoSpace) was not able to race through. Looked to be appointed driver with a lady sitting behind. When not able to cut through the vehicles and move faster what is the point of honking. driver tried all avenues of moving across 3 lanes available in ORR.
Tip: Next time drive on the median. No vehicular obstruction.

2. An yellow board car. Everybody is standing at signal at Total Mall on ORR. This in direction towards KR Puram. He wants to take a turn and signal is red. Everybody has stopped surprisingly for early morning. This driver moves forward to take a turn causing annoyance to others following green signal. Two passengers inside the vehicle. I don’t think they questioned the driver because the driver completed the turn when the signal was red!

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