Self Introspection

It is easy to blame Government for all problems surrounding us. Typically lets look at traffic issue. Are we equally responsible to share or we just want to push it on to others?

There are different ways one commutes.

  1. Self driven cars
  2. Office shuttles
  3. taxis
  4. Own vehicle with an appointed driver

In all these cases do we follow discipline while on road?
Do we not jump traffic signal be it early in the morning or late in the night?
Do we at slightest provocation not press the horn akin to screaming and throwing others off the road?
Do we use indicators diligently? Whenever changing lanes or taking turns?
Do we have the balls to tell drivers of office shuttles or taxis or personal drivers not to
1. Honk excessively
2. Jump traffic signal
3. Drive rash

In an area where the traffic signal gets switched off suddenly due to technical issues how many don’t inch forward creating deadlock situation? And when there is a deadlock how many take time to clear it up? Don’t we sit waiting for the other person to move back or forward and make way?

I see none of these happening. While I observe the indiscipline pattern on the roads everyday. I feel it is just foolish on part of us also to allow this pattern to grow like fungus!

Many of us don’t give way to ambulance. And if we give way it is to follow the ambulance at equal speed to breeze through traffic. Following the ambulance and inconvenience caused we are not bothered about.

Lets us all be collectively socially responsible and follow traffic rules and maintain discipline. just by this we could solve around 30% – 40% of traffic problems.

2 thoughts on “Self Introspection

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