Spectre Movie – No review

Thanks to censorship and the board’s unmindful cutting and deciding what we in India should watch. It is ok for skimply clad women to do the drools in what is called item song in Indian movies. It is also ok to abuse twistedly like “DK Bose”. Direct abuses and kissing scenes are definitely no-no.
Any reason for these kind of mindless bias towards censorship. Absolutely not.

With cuts in scenes whether it is important for the movie or not I have no interest now to watch Spectre in theaters.

Further to this now the censor board would also censor people from using words like these?
Or would they drape all artist work in temples like Khajuraho?

Just wondering why the board never censored these songs.
Or the very famous song with utter disrespect to women.
Or probably they did not know what “Pink Lips” song was referring to! 🙂

Thanks to board the piracy would increase in India with more people curious as to what scenes were cut rather than the movie itself.

For no censorship of a James Bond movie we want an Indian star in that. Sorry Kamal Hassan no.

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