Crime Patrol (Sony TV)

This is one serial Crime Patrol, which has caught my attention in recent times. So much so that I do not mind extending my being awake hours by one more. I started watching some months ago on a time pass basis, now I try to ensure that I watch almost all episode’s aired everyday.
Contrary to many “soaps” that come on the box TV, this serial is based on real life incidents. Some of the incidents they show are real eye openers.

One this crime patrol series brings in lot of information. The knowledge of how crime is committed increases. The important point to be noted from this program is not to take it in negative aspect and take knowledge to commit a crime. Rather it is very necessary to create social awareness. Like the anchor Anup Soni says all the time “CRIME NEVER PAYS”.
After committing a crime today one might escape somewhere he is definite to be caught.

The another aspect of learning is how “women are objectified” in our society. Every father and mother need to spend time with their son’s and teach them how to behave with a women, what not to do and basic aspect of respect. Apparently this is somewhere not given importance while more importance is given to education of scoring marks.
Interesting thing that I observed is where or in which ever incident of crime against women, alcohol is squarely blamed. Inebriated state, under the influence of alcohol. Probably alcohol should either be prohibited or serving of alcohol should be strictly banned in lot of places and restaurants.
Everything is a challenge. Hopefully bollywood would some day stop showing some steamy song with a guy pouring on a skimpy model. In other words these are called “item numbers” to get more revenues.

The other observation is how internet is used for communication to commit crime. In one incident social media was communication to rob a bank.
Lust, greed, anger, revenge and many are potential reasons for committing crimes. Teenagers falling for drugs and many more…
And not so uncommon is “aborting a baby” suspecting birth of girl child. Families wanting male child only! Dowry harassment.

Two sequence really shook me up. One was on “missing girl Asha“. Whatever was the sequence of events, it was disturbing when a random guy takes a 4yr kid to his house, under influence of alcohol rapes her and then unable to take her cries kills her. I just cannot understand how can men rape a kid!

The next one is “goli number 10“. 7-8yr old girls are given injections meant for animals so that the girls reach puberty and can be sold to rich men as wife’s. Apart from the injection what worried me was the incidents happening in city Alwar of Rajasthan. Somehow I have a liking for this place with so much history.

Definitely I would rate this crime series 4.5/5.
I wish all homes would take time to watch this program atleast 1-2 times a week.

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