Do the Do

You should DO it.
Why should I do it?

This is a common scene. Lot of times we are bogged down by what has no reason and rhyme for doing something or anything.
This apparently is also the reason why I cannot connect to Nike which has a tagline “Just do it”.
Lot of times looking for a reason ends up with no result. The answers we have or what we think are the answers are outdated. Just like how our textbook may still mention Pluto as a planet.
The speed of change of things around us do not boil down to change in the way reasoning’s are provided or the way our texts are changed.

Apparently looking back to our history and the base of our culture there is still no text which mentions “this is how one should be”. Our vedic texts are mention of way of life and wellbeing. There is no reference to materialistic needs and wants.
Statement of culture is also not correct.

Finally it boils down to just the society. What is society? A collective set of people (men) who lay down rules and regulations. While we as public are highly critical of rules and regulations laid down by Government, we are not when it comes to “society”. What will the society say or think? We fear for the society.

Any norms of society in the name of culture unless revisited and revised would die down in matter of time. The journey of death is already in process.

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