Happy Independence Day – What is it?

What do we mean by “happy”?
What is “Independence”?
Are we really being happy and independent?

According to the happiness index survey we rank 117 out of 158 countries.
A girl child cannot go to school freely, a girl or lady cannot go around freely. We have school girl child molested or raped. Any girl walking alone is not safe.
We live in fear most of the times. We are unsure about where what is going to happen.

A BPO employee works even today since other countries are not on holiday. They still have to pick the phone and talk in a fake accent.

We have farmer’s committing suicides.

We have tourists attacked.

We have rising inflation but annual hikes never match up to those numbers.

We have parliament sessions which do not see any concrete business.

We do not have decent roads to drive around cities.

We have protests and dharnas for anything to everything.

We have corruption.

Whatever happens we are still moving on with life. Like Robert De Niro says “Life goes on”.
We have great initiatives by the Government.
We have group of people who are cleaning up cities.
We have army guarding our country.
We have automobile companies making profits.
We have constructions of huge apartments.
We have bars and pubs making good collections.
We have restaurants who charge exorbitantly.
We have Saina Nehwal, Sania Mirza.
We have entertainment industry in different languages.
Lastly, we have cricket our religion and Sachin our God!

“Jai Hind”


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