Sundar Pichai and What is in alma matter

Success is a breeding ground and every microbe wants to thrive in it.

It therefore comes as no surprise when everyone from the past wants to take pride in development of Sundar Pichai who became Google CEO recently. If he became CEO of say Indian Airlines and turned around the profits I would have been more happy.
Being also an alumni of the same school that he went to as a kid, the school is not proud of my achievements neither is it of my friends or of other alumni. Everyone has done something significant in their own spheres and areas of interests. For example Jayam Ravi is also an alumni but the school would hardly say we help in developing a child’s interest.

Going gaga over someone becoming a CEO just shows that our schools are still interested only in marks and academic marks and academic marks. We have not educated and brought up a statesman or a bureaucrat or a sportsman. For all that Jawahar Vidyalaya does not even have a webpage! Surprising right.
There was a remote school in Rameshwaram unknowingly gave rise to a scientist who became a president of a country. Here in elation to a CEO I do not know how much benefit it would bring back to our country. Except the cash register could be increasing for the school since this would be used for marketing.

For that matter we living within the country are not talked about for improving the economy of mother nation! Whatever be the inflation we still buy all the groceries, vegetables, sundries…
We, never matter how much was/is the fuel cost we fill it, we pay taxes every month not knowing where it has gone to!
We travel all over and spend money to every department.
We give money to beggars on the street.

If I have to become a Sundar Pichai for my school to talk about me, I would rather remain who I am currently.

Disclaimer: Am not against any of my teacher(s), am only against marketing of his success.

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