Self Driving Tips

If you are new to self-driving they are some useful tips to survive in Bangalore city roads (also include Bangalore – Mysore highway, SH17).
There is one very very important accessory in your car or bike and never ever forget it. There are variants available also depending on cost and which one would turn you on!

When I learnt driving there were only few things we were thought:
1. A for Accelerator
2. B for Brake
3. C for Clutch
4. Look at rear-view mirrors
5. Slow down at turnings
6. Honk when required

Today, if you are learning what you learn is
1. H for Horn
2. H for honk
3. ( H * n ) times. ‘n’ denotes duration of honking depending on how badly you are getting screwed
4. A for Accelerator
5. B for Brake (use with caution)
6. C for Clutch

Having got your license and driving on the roads and you know the first lesson already few things you should do:
1. Put a freaking big ‘L’ sign behind your car
2. Get a blaring horn fixed to your vehicle. Remember who honks first, who honks longer time and louder wins the battle on ground (read Road)
2. Raise all windows (to minimize the decibel level of honking sound reaching your ears)
3. Switch on radio and turn on the volume

What you can expect on the road:
1. BEWARE OF 4-WHEELERS BEARING YELLOW BOARD AND REGISTRATION NUMBER IN BLACK. They are also called as cabs which are for transporting workers from office to home and vice-versa. Other times they are on making money.
2. A slow moving 2-wheeler on first lane. What do you learn? It is ok to be on first lane and drive slowly. Other vehicles would move to second or third lane (depending on availability).
3. If you are driving on main road and reach an intersection, check for any other vehicles turning in or out at the intersection. If there is a 2-wheeler, they will push their front wheel in and if a 4-wheeler push the bonnet in. Remember lesson number 1 – 3 from learning days. Honk Honk Honk Honk.
The expectation of other vehicle is that you would apply breaks which is why they keep pushing forward.
4. Don’t be surprised if the pillion rider is wearing a helmet while the rider is without helmet on a 2-wheeler. Statistics say most death’s on accidents are pillion’s.
5. If you want to turn, just turn. The other guy would apply brake.
6. The helmet of 2-wheeler ride would cover anything except safe-guarding their heads.
7. If you are slowing down at a speed-breaker honk for the vehicle in front and vehicle behind! Honking ensures both vehicle know you are there. And be prepared for vehicle behind you to honk at you when you slow down at a speed-breaker.
8. Overtake from any side you want to, nobody cares as long as you honk enough when over-taking.
9. If you see red colour volvo bus, then it is BMTC, Stay aw nuch away. You never know when they will stop & start, when they will move too.

Everyday on road is a learning! Happy riding.

PS: Some things are facts and some are sarcastic in this post!

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