Piku (Hindi) – Movie Review

Statutory Warning: Do not feel constipated on your seat.

Piku as a movie is a good entertainer. All the characters most of us would be able to relate to especially in today’s urban upper middle class family.

A single daughter who juggles between her father’s taunt’s and office. Daughter who is irritated and frustrated due to her father and takes the anger out on others. Daughter whose temper shoots up at any instance.
A father who constantly feels he has problem with his stomach and keeps taking medicines all through. Father who always feels girls are not meant for getting married and submitting themselves.
Constant arguments between father and daughter.
A doctor who probably has the father as his only patient.
The male maid who is obediently with the father character taking care of his needs and the house. Happy that he is better off except at times when he shows his emotions of complaints on tantrums.
The co-owner of architect firm who is also trying to woo the daughter in personal life. Agrees to everything said.
The taxi driver who finds it difficult with drivers who run away on mention of picking up the daughter. Who finally turns up as driver and takes all humiliation from the father and finally manages to win a soft corner with the daughter.
And not to leave we have a mashi who wants the daughter to get married and tries to fix her with single men. Who though married multiple times thinks marriage is the ultimate.

The daughter is Deepika Padukone (Piku), father is Amitabh Bachan (Bhaskor Bannerjee), taxi driver is Irfaan Khan (Rana Choudhary), co-owner of architect firm is Jishu Sengupta (Syed Afroze).
The best part is all characters have done the role with so much effect that it looks like a typical family drama. There are emotions, motions, romance.

None of the scenes or the characters are over-dramatized. At a moment when you may feel it is getting boring there is a change. Actually nothing is done overboard to make you feel like getting up and leaving the cinema hall.

Personally I believe it is performance of Amitabh Bachan which has given the motion to the movie.
This movie is worth the watch and you would laugh loud, motionless.

My rating 4/5.

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