Life is tough – 59 (Cycle of things)

There is currently a huge uproar on social media over the government ban on the video of “India’s Daughter” by BBC. Maybe government is right in banning the video due to the legalities which were not followed.

Rape incidents are a major issue not just in India but across the world. There is something about rest of the world to blow up incidents that happen in India. Rather than deliberating on India Vs Rest of the world, let me put my little brains into the whole problem.

It is not just rape there is a whole lot of things which maybe inter-connected. There is a big divide between the rich and the poor. The poor see life of rich and also dream of it. We all know about “mistress” and “call girls”. We all know what money can buy.
Yes we are a paternal society where everything is right about what the guy does. The women have been abused, violated and have been subjected to domestic violence post marriage. Where does this all lead to? Men see women in different light. This percolates down to son’s and son’s and son’s. The girls learn house hold work and this is important to survive in husband’s family post marriage.
Primarily everything is related to marriage and re-production.
We want to kill girl child before birth or post birth. And men are ready to go to extent of paying money to get married. In fact the men buy girls from far away land for marriage and reproduction.
Did we not have issues of people high up in corporate accused of sexual harassment? We also had a high-level police officer involved in same. When the punishment to people high-up was not severe the people lower down in the social rank lose the fear of law and also want to do something.

Everyone has right to be educated and we got RTE the moment “sex education” is to be made as part of curriculum everyone wants to protest. The same parents who are worried about their daughters do not want education as part. This in fact could solve partly the major problem. Further on education itself is a difficulty for many due to economic issues.
Affordability is something that is in far distant. And many in the ladder of society cannot afford education. Why?
Multiple issues like, more number of children in the family or lack of proper earning jobs for parents. Again lack of qualification does not get them jobs where they would get sufficient money. And the chain continues that not everyone can afford for education to next generation.

If government targets development then we have different issue which is forcing tribals out of their homes (comfort-zones) and also losing out on forest cover and greenery. Then we have this massive organisational fight against this grabbing of land and the next problem is of maoism, naxalite and so on and so forth. Development as a term by government has its own evils that finally nothing much can be done.

On the other hand for development if the resources are given to corporates we have increase in pollution and depletion of natural resources. Bhopal gas tragedy is something that happened in the past. What was the outcome? Why would people agree for new corporates to come in? Thus ending chances of employment too! Can the government employ everyone into services? Where would they be paid from?

And to top it up we got certain leaders who give bold statements like “since “xyz married hindu’s and spread religion they should marry muslim women now” and “hindus should rape dead muslim women for revenge”.
This is poison in our society, can we eliminate them?

What I believe is everything is knee-jerk reaction. It is not easy to solve the entire cycle which comprises of social – economic – education – development – disparity. Unless all these are brought together and addressed in year or two or three, we could forsee rising incident.

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