Google Fit App

This would be my first post on a fitness app! After speculating for quite some days, I finally tried out Google Fit App.
This app calculates the number of steps made.

The best part is:

1. This app automatically detects whether you are walking or running or cycling.
2. This app does not drain the battery! 🙂 How pleasant.
3. There is also a graph.

Though this app could be developed with a different purpose, I would love to see few additional features.

1. The distance covered in each activity accordingly.
For example if am walking 100 steps and running 100 steps, I would like to see the distance covered separately during walking and during running.
2. The route map. If I have ran/walked/cycled outside the map of the route would be great for future use.

Personally I would recommend this App! I would do some more testing and usage in the meantime.


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