PK – Movie Review (Hindi)

Aamir Khan and Anoushka Sharma have done a good performance in the PK. PK is actually a word used for a person who is drunk. Aamir Khan is a guy who comes from different planet to research about Earth. Fortunately or unfortunately he lands in Rajasthan and is stolen of his only possession which is also the device to go back to his home.

What follows is a hilarious take on superstition and our blind faith in God. And how we put so much money in the name of God but not to feed poor kids. There is loads of humour in the way he follows each religion and the practices to get what he wants.
Stealing clothes from dancing cars, doing “anga pradakshana”, breaking coconut, serving wine…

Do not worry there is entertainment factor in the name of songs and emotions too. The director could have done without songs unfortunately this is bollywood.

Songs are just fine though I do not recollect the background score now.

The script does loose down a little in the 2nd half.

Bollywood goes to prove that they can make even aliens fall in love, sing a song, shake the leg! 🙂

In the end we humans teach one important thing to any other species, “To Lie”!

The movie is one time watch.

My rating 3/5.


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