Where are we heading (3) – Perversion and abuse

In Ramayana, Rama had gone out, Sita like a deer and sends Lakshmana behind the deer. In the meantime Ravana comes and kidnaps Sita.
In Mahabaratha, Draupadi is brought to the court of dice game and her saree removed forcibly.

From the epics women had been ill-treated and men were responsible for it. This if we say is culture then unfortunately we are teaching wrong things to kids and people.
What is missed out is in the time Sita was held captive by Ravana he did not do anything to her. He was a gentleman in that sense and everybody talks only about Ravana kidnapping Sita. Rama is claimed hero while Ravana is big bad guy.
In Mahabaratha, Krishna is proclaimed as hero who protects Draupadi and the Pandavas are given clean chit.
In both the epics the men were not able to take care of their wife. And thats our culture! Even after humiliation the women should be caring for their husband. (This we can look at later)

In today’s world men abuse women at every instance. A girl child inside school premises (Bangalore schools), ladies in a car stopping to buy ice-cream (MG Road, Bangalore), girl abused after being wrongly accused of causing an accident (Mysore).

In the past the reason for rape was attributed to attire of girls and women. This was against our culture, the dress triggers the men. So rape happens. We were blaming the women for not following culture. In that case what did the kid of 6yrs and below in schools do to be abused repeatedly by men?

Second reason attributed was influence of alcohol. Men under the influence of alcohol raping a girl or even 6yr old kid is fine, a girl assumed to be under influence of alcohol would be beaten up in any accident. Men just look for reason to lay hands on a girl.

It all boils down to what we have been taught and how we are taught. This to all those who attribute going against culture as reason.

Secondly most men are perverts whether under the influence of alcohol or not.

Thirdly men should also realise that we are weak. Remember we are the ones second to dogs pee on compound wall of any locality.

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