Squat Exercises

Today morning a guy in the gym called me when I was doing dumbbell squats. He told me that squat exercise is to be done with barbell and I could do lunges using dumbbell. He was concerned that I was not doing the right thing. I would not comment on his physique and he is a typical guy who is used to lifting heavy weights. And he thought I was a novice in the gym since I do not spend more than 30-45mins in the gym without any fight for the weights or the wait time, nor do I spend my time chatting with many people. Normally its just a few exchange of words that too without disturbing my workout.
Then I explained to him few types of squats, full squats, half squats, wide leg squats, single leg squats. It also got me thinking whether is that all and a simple Google search told me there are 40 squat variations!! I would not do all variations and stick to what is required for my running schedule and fitness.
To know all the 40 types, click here.


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