Where are we heading? (2)



Personally this looks very much racist. Ebola does result in death if not treated correctly and the transmission chances are more. To know more click here. Why would hunger be equated to Ebola? Both are completely different topics with no relevance to each other, even if any does not make sense at this juncture.

When we talk about poverty and Ebola is treated due to rich people then one should also account for how much food is wasted by households in every country. If people don’t waste food (either cooked or raw) how many more people can be served.

If rich people is an comparison for Ebola then what about all other diseases? For instance AIDS?

Ebola assumes lot of significance especially in a country like India too. We have this strange desire to spit everywhere on the road, piss at any roadside whether with wall or without. If a guy/girl has contracted this virus clearly it would spread.

Rather than giving correct message to the public putting up these kind of photos on Facebook only shows narrow mindedness of people. Do grow up guys. Use social media for better purpose.


One thought on “Where are we heading? (2)

  1. This article is very informative and important as well. Each and every citizen of India should abide by the hygienic laws for their as well as the environment’s betterment. Thank u for spreading the message.

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