Where are we heading? – Part 1

This is first part of I do not know how many series of posts I would come up after reading certain posts on facebook and other social media.

With Deepavali/Diwali over last weeks social media was filled with posts on not to burst crackers and I would pick up on few of the reasons highlighted which were
1. Bursting crackers stresses our pets and street dogs
2. Bursting crackers causes noise pollution
3. Bursting crackers increases smoke pollution

On the first part, bursting crackers do disturb pets at home and street dogs. Which shows humanity and at the same time how absurd we are in attributing this towards our pets. We for our security and personal interest take another living being into our house, some are human enough to adopt rescued dogs or some rescue and take same as pet, while many purchase breed dogs (Do search how breeding is gruesomely commercialized unless you buy from known sources).

If you think crackers are part of above three concerns. Take your pet to a traffic junction. You and your pet stand there for good 1hr. Check the amount of stress your pet would go through. Check your ears after that to calibrate the amount of noise pollution and check how much of toxic gases you would have inhaled.
While you take your pet for walk, check how startled he/she would be when a vehicle comes near and honks. Check how street dogs run from one side of road to another startled by honking sound of vehicles. One such dog which was crossing the road stressed out by horn sound of a bus changed direction ran straight onto my bike and left me with a fractured ankle. Attributing crackers as a stress for pets is really something that I could not understand.

If there is a concrete reason like in the village of Kazhuperumbakkam then fine. In this village in Puducherry crackers are banned for like last 3 generations. http://www.thehindu.com/news/cities/puducherry/a-village-near-puducherry-banished-firecrackers-for-bats/article6529779.ece

Many people who posted about crackers as noise pollution and some would be travelling by shuttles provided by their respective organisations. How many of them would go up to their driver and tell them not to honk unless really required? When you commute calculate how many times your driver uses the horn. How many vehicles use the “banned” air horn or the musical horn? If we cannot stand up and tell them why post on social media about how crackers disturb pets?

Do calculate the amount of pollution created during Deepavali/Diwali vis-a-vis the pollution by vehicles all through the year. We definitely are not in pollution free zone.

If there is one real good reason for not bursting crackers it is only because of child labour at cracker units. And see these photos before you think of bursting them. While we want our children to celebrate by bursting crackers there are so many children suffering in these units. Do something for them.

PS: While am writing this there is no cracker sound but our pet is stressed due to sounds from loudspeakers!


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