Bengaluru Marathon

The first Bengaluru Marathon after Bangalore Marathon 8years ago. I had no interest in participating and did not register also. Few days before the event my friend asked if I wanted to and he had an additional bib. Was tempted to run and accepted the offer.
Today, the day of run, I ran to the venue since there was no one up for car pooling who responded to my post and I did not wanted to take out my vehicle. It is a distance little above 6kms from my home and was not a big deal. Only issue was lack of light on the road and I was not sure where I would be landing my foot next. So in all I ran the 6kms in 36mins. Did a little stretches and was ready to start after meeting old friends and relatives.
I wanted to run in the most relaxed manner. If I was running for myself I would have had definitely ran faster. I ran with a friend initially along with the 5hr bus and then left him after 5kms I think. My strategy today was to eat lots during the run. So I grabbed biscuits, bananas, cup of water and electrolyte and took it really easy. Around 20kms mark I asked for time and I was still within 2hrs from start meaning less than 6mins per km. I was not slow even though I spent sufficient time at water stations and refreshed myself. Around 27th the devil in me stuck again and told me very strongly to go home. The biggest reason being the route was right behind my house around 27th-29th kms.
After 2kms I finally decided to give in to the devil and ran to my home! I did not get the medal but I was happy with my performance. I had run around 29.5kms in 2hrs55mins.

It was a well organized run. It always helps when runners organize the marathons since they know what is required and how to manage. Congratulations to all my friends who managed their personal best timings.

Inner Ring Road was one great stretch to run today. All the army guys came out stood by the side of the street and they kept clapping continuously motivating the runners. It was a great sight to watch and pass through.

The Bangalore Traffic Police did a commendable job by closing the traffic. Like always the public will voice out and curse the runners for blocking the traffic. Hypocrites they are who would not complain when roads and traffic are blocked due to some political activities and they would even go a step further to cause damage to public property.

Hoping that there would be one more marathon next year and this would not fade away like the previous version.


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