Luxe Cinemas

The best part about watching a movie in Chennai is the pricing! And when you are there and there is a movie you want to watch just go and watch. You would save quite some money and get greater experience compared to here, especially if you are watching in Sathyam Cinemas. We chose the best movie to watch “Annabelle” in the best screen “Luxe” and best timing of night!

What we did not expect is 50+ teenagers who would almost jeopardize the experience. They would hoot at all times, scream at odd times and other times. All this disturbance made one not feel the exact moment of chillness with that perfect background score.
I wish the management would take care of these nagging issues and such crowd behaviour. Complaining to the manager is the near best thing the only thing that held back was missing the next sequence.
Hopefully next time around I would not be experiencing the same behavior.

Today apparently when I was searching about the movie I found an interesting news item in France.


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