Running with companion

It is not usual for me to write a blog about my practice runs. Today was a very different run from all the previous runs. Its always a different feeling when you have someone for company and this guy who accompanied me today in my morning run was very different.
Days when I feel like running shorter distance or if it has rained previous night then I head to office and run inside the campus. Ous campus is quite big that one loop around would be little more than a km.
Like any other day I started my run after switching on endomondo (mobile app for tracking). Few hundred meters down this guy saw me and ran immediately towards my direction. I took few seconds off to say hi to him and we both were kind of glad to bump into each other.














After our initial welcome message exchanges we both ran. He stopped in between few seconds to catch his breath and sips of water. I stopped in between for few sips of water. He waited whenever I took a break.
In the end when I thought enough of running for the day and also felt little bad for the little guy, I had ran 7.5kms and I was not slow today unlike other days. I had ran this distance in 36mins and that little guy would have ran with me for almost 7kms at the same speed I was in. Maybe he was giving me training to run faster and run better! 🙂 And we both were running barefoot!
With nothing to feed the boy, I gave him glucose water which he licked from my hand and drank from my palms. Later he followed me and was waiting for me before others asked him to go away.
Maybe another day I would see him and he would train me again!

Click here for todays run tracking on endomondo.


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