Manali 2 Leh – Day 0 & Before

Cycles were packed by RR Cycles, Madiwala and sent by Air India Cargo at a price of around 1000INR from Bangalore to Delhi. It is definitely a lesser price compared to charges by Blue Dart or other agencies. Landing at Delhi on 2nd August we pick-up the cycles from cargo section and later in the evening leave for Manali.
Before on the day we go around Nizamuddin in Delhi with a friend of one our co-cyclist. It was a informative walk around.



















After a sumptuous lunch we take our bags to board the bus to Manali. The cycles are still boxed up and put inside the bus and off we go. There can be questions at checkpost’s or state borders regarding the cycles. Maybe a slip from the cycle shop would ease matters. Especially packed cycles leave a doubt of new cycles being transported which could attract customs duty.











Once we reach Manali in the morning we have our driver Ravi with the tempo traveler waiting for us. From there we head to Ride Inn. Wow what a stay. Very hospitable couple and who are very accommodating and always smiling.


We get our regular meals also here and very tasty too. The places makes you feel so cosy and comfortable that it is not probably a good choice for cyclists. So much of relaxed attitude puts a slight break into the mind and delays the start out. Nothing wrong with the place. It is just very good and one of the best places to stay when in Manali.
Sunday in Manali is not a good day since most shops are shut and buying groceries is difficult. It also amounts to a loss of day.




To keep the body in rhythm we go for a short run in the morning.












We use the time to assemble the cycles. Its not a very difficult task.
Yes initially it takes time but as time goes by it becomes easy to assemble all the cycles and keep them ready. And we do a short ride to check if the cycles have been assembled properly for the final touches.

Finally it did look like we would start the trip following day, 5th of August and it does look like our bodies have got acclimatized and we start our dosage of Diamox!


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