Pizza Delivery Scam or Scandal – Money lures

I am not sure if this scam is restricted to one particular pizza shops.
What is the scam all about?

Every pizza outlet has a time committed for delivery to customer’s place of choice. If there is a delay in delivery then they would pay 50% of the bill to the customer. In greed of making quick money here is how the ring works.

Pizza Delivery boy: Sir, if it is ok with you I can give back 50% of 50% of the bill amount to you. ( If the bill amount of 400/- he would give you 100/-.) 70% of the remaining my manager would take it and 30% I would get. (which means manager gets 70/- and delivery boy 30/- in this case). All you have to do is right in the bill “delayed by 5mins”. You would get a call from our outlet, you tell them the pizza was delayed.

Larger the bill value more the commission for the delivery boy. For sure he is not alone and he cannot do it without managers support or it could also be possible that he pockets all the money and never gives anything to his manager.


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