Tenali Raman – Movie Review (Tamil)

Vadivelu is a comedian from the time of his entry to movies. One would go with same expectation for this movie and would be disappointed big time except for few shots.
One cannot picture vadivelu as a hero given his stout figure with no proper shaping.
And worst is to see him dancing with Meenakshi Dixit.

Meenakshi Dixit has been added to increase the glamour quotient to bring in more viewers from that angle maybe the director has succeeded. Almost the entire movie she is dressed in a blouse and skirt much to the viewers eyes.

The story is of Tenali Raman, a smart guy who joins the kingdom of Mammanar (again Vadivelu) as as minister. How he outsmarts rest of corrupt ministers and the chinese entry into the market thereby disrupting the local business flow is what the movie is all about.

The songs make you yawn more and more. Lot of times the script is so very weak that one feels like walking out or why did we come for this movie.

In the end Vadivelu Version 2 is a major disappointment.
My rating is 2/5. Giving a higher rating inspite of all flaws for the storyline and the message that was attempted to be conveyed to the audience.

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