Not a place for tourists is what it looks like. And neither do the people one encounters makes you change that opinion. 90% of them visiting dwaraka would be for religious purpose.
What have you got in dwaraka, click here.

When we reached Dwaraka we were around 30mins away from mangal aarthi. That is where the stay at Hotel Nand Nandan is recommended. Click here for review of hotel. Clean rooms with A/C and friendly staff and about 200mts from the main temple. When you visit the temple make sure you leave everything back in the room except the wallet. During aarthi time the crowd just goes bonkers. There is a separate section for ladies and gents. Atleast the gents section there is no problem and they just follow the line till front of God, few seconds and out. In the ladies side its actually a made rush.
There is lot of architecture on the temple and some interesting stuff where it looks like balcony areas on the top. There is some work ongoing also. Different denominations available to get prasadam. One thing to remember is people here don’t say “thank you” but “jai sri krishna”.

There are lot of shops around and its pretty old city with narrow streets and lot of shops to eat. Of course one should not miss out “steamed dhkola”.

There are lot of temples around depends on the visitor’s interest. If you want to visit all the temples its a tightly packed schedule. One cannot miss the ride on jetty across to Beth Dwaraka and this should definitely be on the trip chart. Its a short ride and Beth Dwaraka is apparently the residence of Krishna. There are lot more of the city under the sea. Once you get down from the boat to go to temple you could also sit on to the cart and there is a guy who would pull you up. Don’t miss out the food served at the temple “bhojanalya”. In Beth Dwaraka, one could also walk till the other ends of the island. To the end we walked is the crematorium with a temple and a mosque next to it. Its almost like the tip point. Then wait for the jetty back to Dwaraka.

Once back to Dwaraka, head to sunset point in the evening and enjoy watching the sun go down. Then end the day with “steamed dhokla”! 2 plates of that and ones dinner would be done.

For photos click here.


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